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 PHX SIGINT loop operational

Cobra is a very unique semi-public insider.

A Pleiadian Starseed of Semjase Soul Family Mandala And only spokesperson for The Resistance Movement.


The Resistance is a key membrane between The Confederation 

& The Alliance ( Dragon Families, +Military, +Templar-aka"White Hats" & White Nobility Lineages )

They have daily direct contact with with Confederation for decades in which they then guide and oversee the earth alliance factions behind the scenes to ensure the success of the plan as those groups do not have direct access to deep & updated/live intel as the resistance does who are a faction of people that were not programmed surface humans controlled by the cabal ( at some point to some degree in our lives in earth history) like all of us and the alliance members.

 The resistance oversees the SSP factions too. Long ago they also put agents there as well as key places in societies various power structures, nobody knows who they are including the cabal.The confederation knows everything about the cabal, the alliance and us and that intel is given to the resistance daily for decades.

The Resistance are the secret main force behind the creation of computers & then the public availability for the internet in order to assist humanity in the liberation of this planet.

They also assist that process through deep disclosure of intel via  Star Wars

The Matrix

& many other movie series & noteworthy films such as but not limited to Men In Black, They Live & The Truman Show from where they can deliver key hints to society as tools to decode the truth of reality from and then serve as an efficient awaking mechanism

( Click here for a few RM truth in plain sight examples in the entertainment media over the years )

The Resistance's first phase was called The Organization which can be described as a forerunner earth alliance faction that very quickly became a breakaway civilization in the mid 1970s.

 In December of 1999 a massive human slave colony on an exoplanet in our solar system referred to as Planet X was liberated from the dark forces & 20 million of those freedom fighters were teleported via jump-rooms to join the organization and this is where the name shifted to The Resistance Movement. 

By the early 2000's they had fully integrated the advanced society model of the Confederation and have attained advanced spiritual clarity, healing & connection amongst themselves along with advanced technology that completely solved the dangers of AI & other issues that plagued the SSP for so many years within their own environment which is primarily underground but have bases elsewhere such as but not limited to the Kuiper belt & moon for example.

 Most resistance members are Andromedan & Pleiadian starseeds who look exactly like us & will be the main group contacting humanity in the initial phases along with the Aldebarans

Today the resistance movement members on earth underground is about 72 million, with anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands infiltrated on the surface of the planet within society & these are the people who give the green light for the liberation when its time, where even more will be present on the surface as we get closer to the moment of liberation

 Without the existence of the resistance movement all these years we would not be here right now.This the main reason why despite the lack of cooperation between alliance factions and lightworker networks we are all still alive and winning against the dark forces.

Without the resistance & cobra the blind would be leading the blind indefinitely, every other source is derived from people within the matrix including those claiming to have contact with confederation yet their intel remains as recycle phrases of outdated information blended with large percentages of misinformation & total lack of evidence for 95% of their claims, not including the fact almost every starseed is a milab survivor who were heavily programmed especially between 1996-January2010 


this was the worst period in which fully sealed the no contact situation we are in now(keep in mind it is not a coincidence that DUMBS were built during the same period many mass contacts happened in 50s/60s)which explains why so many starseeds are in the state they are in, it is time to wake up if you choose.

There is a reason Cobra's blog has almost 100 million views and this is because there truly is legit & advanced light forces behind that blog delivering real & critical information with clear direct & un-distorted intel about the Light which has been erased from society for thousands of years as well as deep details of the matrix that nobody ever knew in human history posted on his blog over the years.All this data is crucial to help you remember Yourself, The Nature of Reality & The Planetary Situation so that our bright future that is assured can simply arrive a bit faster through greater clarity, most people in the awakened community have been hitting the snooze on there awakening by avoiding or not taking serious the true & original Redpill.

  • "Lightworkers have a belief system that they know everything, and they appear to be speaking with authority, when in reality they are mostly clueless" - 9/14/20
  • "  I would say right now more than 80% of anything that’s written in alternative media is misinformation. And people are simply bombarded with so many unproven statements through alternative media that the whole thing has lost its meaning and it’s actually becoming a distraction. " Interview from October 2017


Cobra is one of those rare sources revealing true intel about The Goddess :

  • " More Goddess energy on the planet means the process(Liberation & Ascension) will be less violent and more harmonious."

Cobra holds the 14x world record for mass meditation .He is also one of those rare sources involved in the principle of Mass Meditation amongst the planetary spiritual community :

If you type mass meditation in Youtube his team WLMM is the first channel recommend with the highest views on Youtube.

They are also possibly the only team in the world that provide every meditation in dozens of languages, here are some notable links in this regard :



Cobra is the main source that popularized the term The Event ( Definition-The Planetary Liberation) along with the role the Central Sun plays in all of this including the Ascension Process :

" It is important to understand that the Event is an active interaction between our global consciousness and the Galactic Center and that Galactic energies are coming to us based on our ability to receive them. This is why it is so important for as many people to awaken as soon as possible. Our active communication with the Galactic Center, is creating a feedback loop that will trigger the Event when the time is right."-Galactic Wave of Love/2015


"Asgard, also known as the Realm Eternal, was one of the Nine Realms, located at the center of the milky way galaxy" -

"capable of harnessing dimensional energy " - 

Tachyons are Rainbow Particles with Direct Connection to Source


Cobra has provided humanity with one of the most effective ways to accelerate our Ascension & that is  the Tachyon Chambers & Products :

Interviews just about Tachyons & Chambers here & here

" The Pleiadians have instructed us ( Cobra /team ) also to create a website with most advanced Pleiadian technologies available to assist you in your healing process, which include famous Receptors developed by Dr. Fred Bell, a well known Pleiadian contactee"

All this will help expanding the cracks in the matrix and will make room for more Light and Love to come through. "

Many people are experiencing benefits of Tachyon chambers:

Here we need to clear some misconceptions about Tachyon chambers. Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. There is only one confirmed source that makes Tachyon healing chambers available, and all public chambers are listed here:

Tachyon healing chambers are NOT designed to tachionize objects, and people claiming that they can tachionize objects in their Tachyon healing chambers, or people claiming they have designed their own tachyon chambers or are even selling or promoting them, are not telling the truth."


We also have the Light Mandalas Technology :

  • "Light Mandalas, transformative power of ancient wisdom combined with modern technology to enhance your well-being. Our unique range of wellness tools, designed by a team of international scientists, harnesses the natural energies of sacred geometry and crystalline light to harmonize and rejuvenate your body, mind, heart, and spirit."-

The Cobra Intel :

  • Cobra has only ever had & will only ever have the one following online intel location that he releases information. 
  • This blog is " The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light " :



  • The following are links to Archives of all his work, which are all link/sourced directly back to his original site. 

From the 2012Portal Blog are his Updates :

Links he provides to his Interviews :


Conference Notes :

& initiates the Mass Meditations :


A brief description with more in the link of why the name Cobra -along with other common questions about him & his work :

Here you can research archives of cobra quotes on various subjects Light & Dark. 

( Building over time, more to come) 

It is strongly recommended that you review these key points made over the years so as to have the right context of not only Cobra/Resistance intel but the state of affairs about the reality of our planetary situation :

Many people get discouraged of things taking long but in fact most were also not aware of the leverage and blockages the dark forces had to prevent our liberation which they have spent thousands of years building up as a wall to their defeat, here is a drop in the ocean of the success of the light forces removing those blockages that you would only know if you read Cobra's blog :

( The final main blockages remaining are the Anomaly,Lurker & Secret Biolabs. )


" This blog was not intended as a last hope resort for the most desperate, but a place where the most empowered people could turn the tide in the favor of planetary liberation."

 " Purpose of the information you receive here is to give you empowerment, so you can be more active for the final preparation for your life and the situation that happens around you when the changes that will happen.  It has never been the intention for my blog to be information each of us waiting for the Event. Everybody passively waiting for the Event, complaining. It is your responsibility. It is highest purpose that you live your life according to the inner guidance. The purpose of this information is for more understanding what is really going on. To have more understanding what is happening around you. Because this information in not in mass media. You can also never get this information in alternative media.You need to unlearn what you have learned, almost everything you have learned for 2000 years was disinformation. The true information was destroyed with burning of the Alexandria Library. Almost all written or published materials are not true & intentionally maintain slave humanity. But now it’s time to release some of the real truth. Some of the information that will be released is for the first time. Some of this has not been released for 4000 years ago. Some of it was only released in secret society in the past 3-5000 years. And now is the time to release this to surface population.The real purpose of this information being released is for people to have overall perspective to know what is really going on." -


Some evidential proof on various topics mentioned from the Cobra Intel, here are some topics only he talked about (primarily)  :

Toplet Bombs(cleared but was the upmost block to liberation & most dangerous) :

Chimera ( cleared , also one of the most dangerous aspects ) :

Implants ( cleared ) :

The Anomaly :

The Lurker :

 Cintamani Stones :


Here is the section for the right hand side elements of Cobras blog :








Tachyon Chambers/Healing



Tachyonized Products 


Tachyonized Cintamani Stones



















 Light forces have communicated that there is small but real possibility of internet disruptions in the very near future and it would be wise that may people make printed copies of the articles in this blog, especially the newer articles that are not covered in the book


 This Cobra Map blog post was featured here :

 May 26th , The Apocalypse

" You can dive deeper in the vast amounts of intel published on this blog:


Final Section :

Space Adventure Cobra

 Liberation Is Near !

Goddess Wants Peace & Peace It Shall Be !

The Blue Dawn Is Coming. In The Flash Of The Moment, All That Is Done Will Be Undone.


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