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All Active Mass Meditations Archive of Cobra/ M.M. 1)  many people are getting frustrated at waiting. What do you say to them?  Do not wait. Get actively involved. Spread the information. Get involved in mass  meditations. Do whatever else you can.     2)   mass meditations can change the  situation dramatically. If the critical mass of people gather together at the same  time and they focus their consciousness in the same way this is a very powerful  stream of energy that can change the course of the events .So this is the power our  collective consciousness has and I have put out a call for a regular  meditations  that would continue until the planet is liberated & I  would like more & more people joining those meditations because when you reach a  certain critical mass this can initialize the breakthrough because this unified  consciousness field influences everybody including the people in the military,  including the

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     Interview Intel    Tachyon Chamber Intel       THE POSTS :       1) { This post is about another tech that has tachyonized aspects-thanks to teaming up with Cobra's team } October 30, 2013   " There is a new advanced healing technology which has been released by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Sphere Laser System. Now the Dragon Gate has contacted our Phoenix Group, which is our small highly skilled team dedicated to bringing advanced healing technologies to humanity, to help spreading this technology among people. The Mandala Sphere Laser System emits white laser, forming sacred geometric patterns of coherent light, through the geometric structure of pure tachionized crystal spheres, producing a uniquely resonating field of light. White laser delivers the ideal color spectrum to obtain the optimum resonance of each crystal. Thi