The Chimera

 The elements of chimera mythos is randomness , DNA manipulation/combination  & evil . Its general existence is viewed as a horrible mistake/anomaly .

This is perfect fit as to why the Chimera are codenamed such due to there interactions with The Primary Anomaly 

Interview Q&A :

Rob :

 If the one has the ability to create the universe why hasnt it solved the chimera problem?

Cobra- This is because the Chimera problem has originated from the random function(primary anomaly), which is not logical. It is not something that can be understood. It needs to be cleared by the One, projecting it's consciousness into the experiencing this random anomaly and through that experience, the One begins to understand this anomaly and absorbs this into itself. This is light absorbing darkness into itself.

Cobra- What maintains the quarantine ( Not Covid , the planetary isolation from The Universe & Contact b/c of The Chimera & Archons ) is quantum anomaly . Quantum anomaly is a distortion of time-space continuum on quantum level (called “error” in ancient gnostic texts). Quantum anomaly presents a difficulty for positive ET travel technologies. Positive ETs are not gods, they have their own limitations. Else they would liberate humanity long time ago.


They are still present deep within the military, within the space force, within DARPA and they are continuing their plans as they were until now. So they are still trying to keep the quarantine status intact.

James: Is the Chimera group also connected with Monarch and there are some other groups there is Mobius, some other planetary corporations?

Cobra: Not directly. Chimera tries not to interfere with surface life. They try to interfere as little as possible. They want to be really behind the scenes of everything as much as possible.

James: Hmm. And so do you, so you see space force being highly infiltrated or do you see it becoming a positive force of change?

Cobra: It is highly infiltrated. And the main purpose of space force being created is as a last chance of the cabal to defend planet Earth against the Galactic Confederation. They are, they would like to use this as their last line of defense before the Confederation ships come.




Their surface faction/proxy is mainly within Darpa

who have created the virus

They Are the Draco Overlords who created AI , the fallen Archangels that are the deepest shadow/leaders of the Deep State:

Chimera have place an AI Network into the body of a fellow fallen archangel that chose to descend specifically into the plasma plane which has strongly connected with massive amounts of quantum fluctuations(anomaly) throughout time and became an octopus like entity known as The Yaldabaoth which some Term as AI-God :

They created The Cube

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